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Bowing Out


Of course, it had been the beer talking - and how many men have been guilty of allowing that to happen? Chris hadn't meant to cause lasting offence in his end of year speech on that hot summer's evening, but you can never turn the clock back. What's been said has been said.

It's surprising that someone like Chris would have been so affected by the reactions of his colleagues to what had simply been a bit of fun. Surely his dramatic escape from the long awaited holiday with his wife Sarah was the result of much unhappiness which had built up over time, and the memory of that fateful evening in the restaurant was simply that which finally tipped him over the edge?

Centring on the adventures of Chris O'Neill, fugitive teacher, the novel tells of his attempts to change his life around and the subsequent upheaval affecting him, Sarah and also Andy and Helen Wilkinson.


There have been many very positive reviews of 'Bowing Out'.

Reviewers' comments include:

  • "Loved it. Next please!"
  • "I read it in two days and that’s a record for me! I’m sure this book will chime with many people."
  • "Bowing Out is a fascinating book about an ordinary human being..."

You can download a document showing all the reviews from here. Please note this will open in a new window.


Bowing Out is available from all good bookshops including:

  • Wardleworths, St Helens
  • The Bookshop, Colne
  • Bookends, Keswick
  • Fir Tree Farm shop, King's Moss, St Helens
  • The Novel Cafe, Lancaster and Ambleside
  • Sam Read, Grasmere
  • The author also has some signed copies available directly from him, simply use the contact details above to get in touch or click here to send an email.